The success of Suburban Truck Driver Training School is measured by the satisfaction of our student graduates and our industry peers.
Suburban is proud of the relationships we have established within our community.

Student Testimonials

It was a nerve issue wanting to do this Truck Driving. However, choosing suburban was a dream come true. The Instructors are the best you can ever train with. They are so patient and will always take the extra mile to let you get all the needed skills before your final test. The lead instructor “SKIP” as we call him is the one amazing instructor who will listen to your concerns and treat you as equal.

Matthew Nyame-Addo

The instructors and the school are tremendous in helping the student obtain their goals of becoming a professional truck driver. I am thankful that I was allowed to come to this school.

Gary Kirkland

My name is Walter Herman and i graduated from Suburban Truck Driving School and i would like to share my experience with any one who is considering driving a commercial vehicle for a living. Suburban Truck Driving School is very detailed in the training they give, they make sure that you as a student is properly equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a safe and skilled driver.

Walter Herman

Great instructors very patient. I learned so much in a short time. Staff is amazing!!! Highly recommended.

Joe Jaafar

Dear Instructors

I would like to show my appreciation for the patience, honesty and kindness you offered me during truck driving instructions. When I enrolled, I especially asked for your patience as I had been under much stress during the past three years. You certainly did deliver. Your professional manner and kindness was appreciated and helped me more than you might realize.

I hope that I will use all that you have taught me well in my future career driving over the road. This is the opportunity of my lifetime for better employment and to earn a decent living instead of minimum wage jobs. It will give me the opportunity to save for a better retirement. All the advice you offered me will be taken to heart and is extremely appreciated.

James A. Coutts

Thank God for Suburban Truck Driving School is the best way for me to express my gratitude. Im 25 years old with two children who depends on me solely. I have bills, rent, student loans and I had no idea on how to dig my way out of my own muddy hole. Until I decided to change the direction my life was headed. People tell you all the time ” if you dont like something about yourself change it” but listening and doing it is two different things. I wanted to be successful I wanted my children to be able to depend on me and more importantly I wanted to fix my life. Suburban taught me all the essential tools I needed to start my new career and they pushed and pushed me until I pass. I never had anyone push me and believe in me the way they did. They jumped all kinds of hoops and loops dealt with my cry baby excuses and they understood my hardships and i’m forever grateful. Thank you Tom, Charlie Skip, Craig, Ken and Lara you guys are awesome!!!

Amanda Hampton

Facebook Reviews

This was a great experience and I learned a lot in just 4 weeks. Everyone was so helpful and showed you respect. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to get there CDL. Thank you for this opportunity and I can’t wait to get on the road.

John Warren

In my opinion its worth it. Just listen to the instructors. I appreciate all the instructor’s they walked and worked with me through everything.

Marquis Neal

The instructor’s at the school are great. I had a lot of jitters going into this. But with the help of Chuck, Rich, Perry, Dave and Skip, I did it. I would recommend this school to anybody.

Ryker Bieganski

Everyone here was great. i would recommend coming here they are very experienced and will help you when you ask for it.

Ian Smith

All of the instructors know what they are doing. I was a little skeptical at first, because I didn’t know what I was getting into. The staff at Suburban quickly changed that. They will help with whatever you need, as well as job placement and many other things. I would recommend this school to anyone, even someone coming out of state.

They do everything that’s in their power to make sure you’re ready for the state exam. Would probably be nice to work there one day.

Richard Robinson

Great school graduated on 2006 when it first open in Romulus 2 group that graduated Mr Mike and Mrs Lara were awesome got a job same day I got my cdl. A++++ service.

Hector Suarez

I really appreciate and encourage anybody would like to go to school, to hurry up. I specially had language issues but with the instructor’s help I did. I would like to thanks again, Rich, Perry, Chuck, Joe, Dave…..

Tagdasida Kabre

Ms. Deb was great with the admissions process. Skip and his instructor’s were great! I really liked how Chuck (instructor) taught me the 90 alley dock, and how Ed (instructor) helped with the off set, and Dave (instructor) with pretrip. Ashley was on point with the job placement! Also Art was great scheduling the state test. The entire staff are great at Suburban Truck Driver Training

Jevon Thurman

Google Reviews

This is a great school. They gave me the knowledge to pass me cdl an to be a productive truck driver. They have great job placement with some of the best companies out. They got me in with Conway the best company to for.

Stephen Fulks

I love it excellent training and staff got me ready for the trucking industry.

Brian Zackery

After over 2 years otr, i have to say this is the best investment in my future i ever made.

Scott Klein

Debbie is a great recruitment employee and will get you the best possible job placement and the instructors are top notch and know what they are doing they have years of over the road experience and will get you ready for the career you are working toward.

Brandon Bonner

Great school! Great instructors! Thank you everyone for preparing me so well! From the classroom to the range to the road, they covered all the bases and got me ready for the next level of training. If you want to learn how to do it right, and be treated with respect, this is where you want to go.

M Gorbe

If it wasn’t for Suburban Truck Driving school. I wouldn’t be here in Arkansas starting with my company at PAM Transport today. This is a great school. You will have everyone on your side. They are there to help you get through the schooling and pass everything when you take your state test. So you can start a new amazing career. The instructors are great and very helpful. Great school I highly recommend this school for anyone that’s trying to become a truck driver.

Elisha McRoy

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