Tuition / Financial Aid

Suburban has several affordable options to obtain CDL Class A training. Our school has partnered with several carriers, government agencies and private education lenders who offer a number of opportunities to help you obtain education and CDL License.

Tuition Reimbursement

Suburban Truck Driver Training School has established partnerships with several private education lenders who specialize in truck driving school loans. Even if you have less than perfect credit or have not established any credit you may qualify for an education loan. The majority of carriers offer tuition reimbursement which pays off your education.

If you have an educational loan to repay the employer will make monthly payments to the lender for each month that you are gainfully employed with them. Carriers are willing to pay up to $7,000.00 towards your truck driving education; that means your CDL License could be almost free.

Free CDL Training / Contract Training

Suburban has partnered with an exclusive group of carriers offering contract training. These carriers are well respected industry leaders who currently have immediate openings for our graduates.

This is an excellent option if you are able to commit to working for the carrier for at least 9 months. In return for your 9 month commitment the carrier will cover your tuition at Suburban Truck Driver Training School.

A CDL License, a paid in full education, and a career, what more could you ask for? Qualifications and restrictions may apply.

Veterans and Military Service Members

Suburban Truck Driver Training School is approved by the Michigan State Approving Agency for the training of VA Students and other eligible beneficiaries.

These benefit chapters include the following:

  • Chapter 30
  • Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill)
  • Chapter 35
  • Chapter 1606
  • Chapter 1607
  • Chapter 31 / Vocational Rehabilitation

Our professional Admission Representatives are ready to assist you in applying for your educational benefits.

Michigan Works Training Funds and Grants

If you are under employed, unemployed, or have lost your job and are currently receiving assistance you may qualify for State or Federal retraining dollars. With a little patience and hard work, your CDL License and training could be free. With a little patience and hard work, your CDL License and training could be free.

  • Michigan Works
  • ITA
  • WIA
  • Vocation Rehab
  • Access, TARFF

Cash/Check/Credit Card

If you have the ability to pay cash or credit card for school, remember your carrier of choice will send your tuition reimbursement directly to you!!