Now training out of state students and can offer housing amenities

Our programs are both challenging and rewarding to complete. Our programs have been specifically designed with you and the public's safety in mind. Our programs emphasize hands-on learning as the primary vehicle to build your skills as a Professional Tractor-Trailer Driver. Make no mistake that proficiency, competence and proper driver safety can only be attained with generous preparation time.

When you report for the actual tractor-trailer operations training, you will spend the majority of your time training with the truck fleet. Remember, your time here is limited and important; "behind-the-wheel" training time should not be taken up studying a lot of "filler" classroom subjects. Over the years our employees have trained thousands of students and have developed one of the top Truck Driver Training Programs in the United States.

The school is fully licensed by the State of Michigan. In addition, Suburban Truck Driver Training Schools Training is approved by other appropriate agencies to offer programs that are under the Michigan Works Investment Act (WIA). Suburban Truck Driver Training School is also authorized to train eligible Vocational Rehabilitation Participants. Veterans and U.A.W. applicants welcomed.

Suburban Truck Driver Training School offers a high quality, up-to-date, no-nonsense program with a very competitive tuition that is rarely met by any other institution. Your hard-earned dollars deserve the highest quality and quantity of professional training preparation that is possible. Compare our training fleet and unsparing training hours with our budget-conscious tuition prices, and I'm sure you will see that we offer you the highest value.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your career goals.

Lara L. Dowdy
School Director

Suburban CDL

Accelerate Your Learning
Although you may not currently be a student, learning is a life long process. For many of us school and/or learning were not pleasant experiences, so we may hesitate to attempt to learn something new. Fortunately there are ways to enhance the learning experience to help make learning fun, easy, and successful. (This process works too.)

“Accelerated Learning” is a system based on studies of the human mind and how knowledge is acquired. It is a powerful process that engages both the analytical and the emotional parts of the brain and uses both the conscious and the subconscious mind. The body is important to learning as well. Many of us need movement to learn. We also need to take into consideration our learning styles and our multiple intelligences. One of the important components of Suburban Truck Driver Training Schools Accelerated Learning process is the use of a variety of tools such as driver simulators, audio, video, and electronic components.

Although any school can have devices, the expertise to incorporate them into a training program that stimulates the brain to enhance the learning/training experience is the crucial element of the Suburban Truck Driver Training Program that makes the difference in the quality of the education and builds confidence with the students, carriers and public at large.

Suburban Trucker Driver Training has one on the top rated commercial driver training programs in the country today. To learn more Phone (734) 229-0000 or come by and view our campus at the metro airport complex located at 28675 Northline Rd. Romulus, Michigan 48174 ( I-94 & Middlebelt area)

Great Opportunities as a Truck Driver
The average salary for entry level truck drivers with their class A CDL range between $750 - $950 per week, and up to $125,000 - $150,000 per year as an owner operator, according to a survey by the American Truckers Association. er $400 Billion spent on freight transport per y

Truck drivers are a constant presence on the Nation's highways, delivering everything from basic materials, beverages to groceries. Trucks carry nearly all goods at some point in their journey from producer to consumer.

If you have it, chances are a truck brought it to the merchant that you purchased it from.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Trucks travel over 203 billion vehicle miles per year, delivering three out of every four tons of freight, with over 3.1 million full time professional truck drivers, this figure does not include those who drive as part of another job, like utility workers or salesman. A total of 7.5 million people have a CDL License.

Trucking is vital to e-commerce
The growth of e-commerce creates an increased in the number of trucks needed as those goods which were previously transported in passenger vehicles are now delivered in trucks directly to the user who has shopped on the internet.

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